16 Airbrush Tan Tips for a Smooth Tan

Before going into the airbrush spray tan tips it is important to know about tanning. Well, tanning is a method of darkening the skin tone (or browning the skin). There are two ways to gain this. One is exposing your skin to UV rays through direct sunlight and the second is through tanning. In exposing the skin to UV rays there is a high risk of skin cancer in the human body as it causes burning while the tanning and that too, of spray type is recommended by the American Cancer Society. And airbrush tanning is the best method to tan one’s skin. It even assures you of a long lasting tan.

Airbrush tanning is done with the help of Dihydroxyacetone(DHA) which is very gentle and useful for skin. It is scientifically proven and hence air brush tanning has an edge over other tanning techniques. In this, a pen sized instrument sprays all the DHA solution directly on the skin. After coming in contact with the skin DHA reacts with the skin’s amino acids and produces melanin. This melanin actually darkens the skin.

Use these tips

Useful Airbrush Tan Tips

1) The foremost task is to select the best airbrush tanning salon, this can be done either by taking the recommendations of friends and relatives or by knowing about the reviews and ratings of the salon through internet. Beware of the inexperienced airbrush tanning salons.

2) Take a proper bath before tanning so that remains of the deodorants, perfumes, lotions or any other sticky substance will be removed. Such residues can hinder the the proper tanning of your skin parts.

3) Remove all the jeweleries and clothes and try not to wear them for hours after tanning.

4) While under the treatment use clothes such as underwear, towels and other patches to cover the body parts which are not intended to be tanned.

5) Try to cover the tattoos too because tattoos get darken after tanning especially the light colored tattoos(But this is only for a limited period of time after that original color is retained again).

6) Using Dihydroxyacetone(DHA) is better because it easily suits to the skin of everyone and doesn’t harm the skin . You can hide the bald spots of the scalp, scars, birth time flaws, moles and freckles through this DHA.

7) Do not wear clothes made of wool, silk, and nylon just after tanning as DHA can stain all of them. But if the clothes get stained then you can use oxygen bleach in water to remove it.

8) While discussing about the airbrush tan tips it is really important to discuss about its removal. After tanning the color so produced can not be removed readily. It will fade away with time as the upper epidermal layer continue to fall.

9) However if you want to lighten it’s effect then take a soft washed cloth or sponge and scrub it gently on the tanned surface.

10) Different individuals have different skin types and hence the application of this airbrush tanning is different on different people.

11) If you want a prolonged tanning effect then some salons recommend you to use a tan extender on the skin for three consecutive nights.

12) To protect your skin from peeling it is advised to apply the moisturizer continuously on the tanned skin.

13) In some case repetitive tanning is also advised by the salons. But try to avoid this.

14) The tanned surface is more vulnerable to the sun rays and the risk of UV rays increases after tanning, so always use a lotion of high SPF before going outside.

15) It is highly recommended that if you have any skin disease then do not try the tanning without concerning a well reputed skin specialist.

16) Some of the salons offer you bargaining but avoid the visits to such salons as they can use low quality products and can also be in the novice stage of airbrush tanning.

Besides the above mentioned airbrush tan tips there are still many other useful tips and note down one thing that the safety of your skin lies in your hands too and if you really want to tan your skin then prefer airbrush tanning as it is as effective as six bed tanning sessions and hence is very economical and less risky.

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