Apple Cider Vinegar and Weight Loss

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is an ancient folk remedy used for thousands of years from the Egyptians to the Chinese. It not only disinfects very well, but when ingested in small amounts, can be beneficial to your health with respect to the loss of weight. Here are details on apple cider vinegar for weight loss and go to read a lot.

Some have claimed that the vinegar gives them a “full” feeling thus curbing their appetite, while others reported the burning of more calories taking place when they exercise regularly. Apple cider vinegar is possible when crushed apples are fermented past the alcohol stage and turned into a vinegar.

The sugar is broken down by bacteria and yeast via fermentation. Anything from vegetables to fruit can be fermented to either create alcohol or if left to ferment longer, vinegar. Vinegar is French and means “sour wine.”

Well, what exactly does this tonic do for weight-loss? Studies still have to be conducted in these areas to validate these claims but this author can personally attest to the effectiveness of ACV when incorporating it into my workout regiment.

My daily dosage before working out was 2 tablespoons in my 18oz. water bottle with 2 slices of lemon. Now, maybe we’re all delusional but after 34 days, I noticed that my lower abdomen fat, (you know, the hardest part of body fat to get rid of?) was starting to melt away.

I did nothing different in my routine for the first 3 months where it stubbornly stayed there. I did some cardio, situps, pushups; nothing exotic as I like organic, natural workouts using little or no weights.

I took the same dosage at night before beddy-bye too. Since I have been researching ACV for at least 3 years intently, reading pro and con statements, I concluded that indeed the raw, unfiltered version with the “Mothe” or the bacterial culture at the bottom, promoted good digestion by stimulating the all-important hydrochloric and pepsin acids in my stomach.

My metabolism appeared to be high as well which is not bad for a 40+ year-old bat! Apple cider vinegar detoxifies the liver which is helpful when your goal is to drop pounds. It also has acetic acid, malic acid, phosphorous, manganese, silicon, iron, potassium, fluorine, magnesium and a host of vitamins and trace minerals.

Upon working out, you have lactic acid lingering that can affect the muscles bringing about soreness and affecting performance. While the formation of lactate is not a waste product by no means and can even metabolize carbohydrates, creating a glycogenic process and producing the energy required for a sustained workout, excess buildup of lactate is not biochemically sound.

ACV may help to balance pH and bring about an alkaline state to offset the lactic acid buildup and this is why I feel it necessary to “juice” ACV before and after a workout. I believed it has affected my appetite in a good way also as I do not crave sweets or food, which people who suffer from diabetes and candida experience, and which ingesting ACV appears to have resolved. Again, It could be “tonic delusions of grandeur.”

(Disclaimer: please do not take my word as Gospel and go out and discover, ask, research, scratch, scrape, argue and bump your head like I did to unravel truths that helped my condition. Always consult a physician before undertaking any kind of alternative treatment or supplement. This site does not purport to treat, diagnose or cure any disease through the promotion of products on this site. There. I said it. Ahhh! (breather)

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