Easy and tasty camp cooking desserts

Have you ever been camping and wished that you had a really good, but easy dessert recipe? There are actually several that are very tasty and satisfying. After all, a nice dessert after a nice camp dinner, perhaps eating it while relaxing in front of a crackling campfire just seems like a perfect end to the day.

Here are a few nice possibilities. None of them take very long to make and they are all fairly inexpensive.

Camp-baked apples

Many people feel that baked apples are totally delicious, even at home. In camp, they can be fantastic, as well as being healthy. If they are started while supper is being eaten, they can also be done by the time everyone is finished with the meal.


1 apple per person, preferably a slightly tart apple like Granny Smiths
1 tbsp butter or margarine per apple
1 tbsp maple syrup or brown sugar (or both) per apple
aluminum foil

Slice each apple in half, top to bottom, and core them. In the cavity that is created during coring, on one half of the apple, put the butter and syrup or brown sugar.

Put the other apple half on top of this, and place the apple on a piece of foil that is large enough to be completely wrapped around the apple. Wrap the apple securely in the foil and place it in slow coals.

Using tongs, turn the apple every 10-15 minutes, until it feels soft, about 30-45 minutes to an hour (less time if the coals are hotter). Remove from heat and allow the apple to cool for a few minutes before opening the foil. Be careful, because this will usually still be hot.

This is a recipe that is very suitable for barbecues, and the baked apples go very well with ice cream, if any was packed.

Chocolate bananas

These are splendid out in camp and they are sweet, yet they aren’t heavy. This makes them ideal after eating a full and filling meal. The preparation time is also quite brief. Kids seem to really love these and most adults do as well.


1-2 pounds of milk chocolate, Hershey’s ® or similar
bamboo kabob skewers

Break the chocolate up into smaller pieces and place these in a sauce pan. Heat over very low heat, such as near the campfire but not over the top of the fire. The idea is to melt the chocolate, not to cook it. It is helpful to stir the chocolate around periodically so all the pieces have the opportunity to melt.

While the chocolate is melting, peel the bananas and cut them in one inch segments. 

When the chocolate is melted, put a marshmallow and piece of banana on the skewer, then dip this in the melted chocolate. This is quite similar to a fondue except that it is done out in camp, without needing to use a fondue pot.

As an added advantage, any chocolate that hardens on the sides of the pot can still be used. Simply add some milk and slowly heat it up until it is steaming hot for a wonderful hot chocolate drink. The used bamboo skewers can be burned in the fire.

Honey fruit

Honey fruit is a treat that isn’t heated and yet it is as simple as the other two desserts. This is also a favorite of both kids and grownups. It is even a healthy dessert.


1 cup soft fruit per person (pineapple, bananas, grapes, pitted cherries, watermelon in bite sized pieces)
1 tablespoon honey per cup of fruit
1/2 cup cold milk

Simply pour the honey over the top of the fruit and serve it in bowls, with the milk poured over the top. The cold milk usually thickens the honey because of the temperature, making this an easy but unique dessert.

All of these easy desserts have very good flavors and they tend to be loved. All of these are also healthy because of the fruit and they are great to have after eating a filling meal. As good as food usually tastes out in camp, it is even nicer when you can have a wonderful dessert to finish the meal.

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