Effect of Marijuana

Marijuana, also called herb or other nicknames. There are many very concerning points that the effect of marijuana has on the youth of the American population. Each effect on the youth population has its own potential risks and difficulties for the immediate health as well as the long term health of the youthful population. Learn here for the case on how long Marijuana stay in your system.

This is of special importance considering that there are more and more states that are legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes and a few that are considering the complete legalization of marijuana for the general public over the age of 21. Though there may be an age limit on the marijuana, it is not inconceivable that the younger people will obtain and use marijuana more readily as it is legal for adult consumption.

As with all drugs of any type, legal or not, there is a serious concern about its use in children. This is because a child’s body is still developing. Even after the child is fully formed and reaches his or her adult size, the brain of the child continues to develop until the age of 25. There is a lot of controversy as to how some of these drugs then affect the growing and changing body. There is a very serious risk that the effect of marijuana on the child’s body and brain could be very large and completely irreversible. This can include a lack of development in the body as well as a lack of development in the brain. Each of these risks must be addressed and considered before the legalization of marijuana is ever to occur because the fact of the matter is that so long as marijuana is legal for adults, children will get a hold of it and use it.

One effect of marijuana on the human body poses a special problem for children and those who have developing brains. This problem is that the marijuana chemical THC reduces the alpha brain waves. These brain waves are the ones that the frontal lobe creates and they indicate inhibitions, common sense and problem solving. The alpha waves also handle speech and mathematical processes in the brain. The reduction of this leads to people acting in an irrational manner, slurring their speech and having difficulty determining what is right or wrong. This effect of marijuana does have a chance of becoming permanent in a brain that is still developing because it finds this to be the normal mode of operation rather than one with a fully developed alpha wave. This does not mean that the brain will function better once the child is off the marijuana, but rather that the child would never reach his full potential.

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