Foods that contain the most fat

There are many foods which are high in fat content. Three different types of fat exist. Polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, and saturated fat are the 3 most common categories under which fat is defined. Saturated fats are considered the worst. Saturated fat creates many health risks which should be avoided. Heart disease, stroke, and cancer are all associated with saturated fat. When going to the grocery store, consumers do not always know which foods are good for them. It is hard to make healthy food choices when there are so many options. Some of the best foods will have some fat in them. We do need some fat in our diet.

There are many people who lower fat consumption by consuming a vegetarian diet. This is not always the best way to lower fat consumption. Cheese, nuts, and chocolate are foods with extremely high fat content. Cheese is high in saturated fat. When it is cooked this fat is very unhealthy. Many vegetarians will begin to fill up on other sources of fat or carbohydrates which do not help with weight loss. Dairy products can be extremely high in fat. Not all dairy fat is healthy. Whole milk contains plenty of saturated fat. It is best to consume skim milk if you drink dairy. Many people are turning to a vegan diet which has many health benefits. This reduces fat consumption significantly. There are many great vegan meal options and a plant based diet is better for the environment.

Hydrogenated fats are some of the very worst for fat content. These fats are extremely unhealthy. They were developed in the 1940s. Some people compare hydrogenated fat to plastic. These fats are created by adding hydrogen. This process improves an oil’s shelf life, but it can have serious consequences on our health. There is an increase in bad cholesterol when consumed on a regular basis. This can increase our risk of heart disease. Breast and prostrate cancer are also an increased risk when consuming these types of oils which are frequently found in junk food. Many of the foods consumed, like french fries, potato chips and margarine, are high in hydrogenated fat. These should be eliminated if we want to look after our health. This is one of the worst things that can be eaten. Deep fried food is loaded in hydrogenated fats. This is a risk for people who eat out regularly at fast food restaurants. This should be something only occasionally consumed. It is not good for us.

Coconut is very high in fat. This fat is a saturated fat. Dried coconut has more fat than the fresh coconut meat. 90 percent of coconut meat’s calories come from saturated fat. According to some health organizations eating too much coconut is a health risk for your heart. This is one of those foods which is a little bit confusing in terms of health value. Raw foods are some of the healthiest. It is easy to understand that fast food is bad for your health. Is coconut bad for your health? This is a very good question. It isn’t as bad for your health as many other high fat foods, but it should be consumed sparingly.

Nuts are very high in fat, but our bodies absorb this fat in a different way. There has been a study done which shows that consuming nuts in not going to cause much weight gain. We can consume more calories from nuts and not gain as much fat as we would from animal fats. Animal fats are more natural than hydrogenated oil. This is thought to be a bit better for health. However, there are a lot of negative health risks associated with eating meat. Processed meats and lard are some of the very most fattening.

Butter is a high fat food which has a really bad reputation. It is a better choice than margarine, but it is still very high in fat. In the 1950s, many people switched to margarine. There were many companies promoting margarine and people were told that it was healthier to consume compared to butter. This is probably not true. Heart disease was not a big issue at the beginning of the 20th century. With the rise of fast food and hydrogenated oil, heart attacks have become the number one killer since the 1970s.

Fat in a diet is not easy to calculate. Sometimes we crave junk food. It is important to consume in moderation. Some fat in the diet is necessary. Fish oil has a great reputation. Many health food stores sell the capsules so people can benefit from it. These supplements are good for health. This is a healthy fat which is high in saturated fats. However, fish oil in fried fish is quite unhealthy as a dietary choice, but a fish oil supplement is a good way to get fat in the diet.  

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