Getting Ready

We spent the day at Lake LBJ with the kids. We had a small scare when we first got there. As we watched the kids play in the water and on the sand an older man came over to us. He said that with all of the rain we had that there was some flooding on the Llano river and some septic tanks had been flooded and drained into the river. Which drains into the lake. So that is why we are the only people in sight in the water! We pulled the kids out and washed off real good and stayed out of the lake the rest of the day. Dori did not go in the water-she was under orders not to. Jaden is the only one who went all the way under but she seems fine. Otherwise it was a good slow day and we are just getting things ready to go on our trip. We leave Tuesday-everything is confirmed and we’re real excited. I need to try and get us reservations for Chef Mickey one night and that is the only thing left to do. Dori can’t stop talking about going to see Mickey. She’s read the Disney guidebook I got her front to back and then I think she read it again.

Looks like we made it

Our plans for Disney are now getting finalized. We have made airline, car and hotel reservations and will pickup our park tickets when we get there. Everyone is real excited. Jaden’s new favorite word is “Mouse”, as in “Jaden, where are we going?”……”Mouse! Mouse!” The kids have been doing Vacation Bible School at church and loving it. Tait sings all the songs all day long and Jaden has a blast with the little kids. I got to pick them up today and it was fun to see them so excited and having fun. I also got to see some of the “old” kids that I know. It was good to see them all grown up and helping out. Time flies on! Dori feels great and looks great. She has been doing good about trying to take easy. She is not exactly staying home and resting but at least she is not trying to do everything and help everyone. It’s hard to get her to be selfish, but I’m trying. She even mentioned she might write some here……….so keep your fingers crossed for a Dori sighting!

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