Got Stress? The In-Laws are Coming!

Just found out your dreaded in-laws are coming for a visit? No one likes stress or pressure, but the reality is that it exists and a particular amount of pressure is essential to our bodies being capable to respond appropriately. That doesn’t imply we need to allow anxiety to build to a intensity that is bad and it is therefore important we learn how to deal with it and deal with them!

All of us look for several ways to keep stress as far away from our lives as possible, various approaches work well and some don’t. Having visitors can trigger a lot of unresolved issues we thought we had dealt with but truly haven’t.

More often than not pressure busting techniques that fail are the types that concentrate on removing stress or suppressing it. The truth is that stress in an unavoidable side effect of living and to an level it is even compulsory. Why? Because you in-laws are always going to be coming for a visit so how you deal and handle yourself while they are there is critical to your overall health and well-being. Your focus needs to for that reason be on dropping your worry to a manageable level.

Stand alone tension busting strategies like listening to music, working out or writing in a journal, etc, can aid you deal with stress but only for short durations. To make your life relatively anxiety free you have to alter your method of thinking. Focus on each day they are visiting – if it is two weeks or 14 days – then each day begin with checking in with your own issues and emotions.

Adopting a spiritual way of life is conceivably one of the best means of being able to control your tension levels. If you don’t already meditate or spend time in prayer then this might be a great opportunity to begin. Spirituality isn’t something that only sages or saints practice; nor does it indicate you must to immediately enter a religious group or belief structure. Spirituality is a simple a way of living that involves focusing within and getting in touch with your higher self and learning to heed your inner voice. It will also provide you a window of time each day to separate yourself from your in-laws to reflect and come back to center. Staying in neutral during their visit will allow you the peace of mind needed to keep your anxiety and stress in check.

Materialism, hatred and cynicism are a number of of the major sources of stress in our lives. Spirituality aids in banishing these types of feelings or emotions. When your focus in life changes from chasing after ‘conventional symbols of success’ to genuinely understanding yourself and finding greater tranquility of mind, there is no room of materialism or cruelty. You are able to easily balance the needs in life with how you will attain or uphold your way of life. Apply this to how you think of or perceive your in-laws. If your perception or thoughts of them trigger a negative emotion such as anger then you have some serious work to do to release these emotions. Identifying the underlying emotion will empower you to easily interact with them during their visit. Your emotional response to your in-laws is directly tied to a core value that is being shaken. It is important that your reconcile this to be able to embrace a healthy over-all life.

Dealing with complicated life conditions, yes your in-laws count as complicated or difficult life conditions, becomes easier for you while you are more connected to your higher self. Looking at life situations from a neutral point of view helps you appreciate that change is inevitable and no matter what stage of life you are at, it is going to change eventually. Bliss or unhappiness, nothing is permanent. This wisdom leaves little room for negativity in your life.

Faith is an important aspect of a spiritual approach of life; add to it the strength of prayer or meditation and you get enough mental potency to face the worst mother-in-law in the world and still turn up on top.

Does this sound overly easy?  If yes, then you’ve most likely understood the important point of spirituality; it honestly is about making life simple! Big words or profound philosophical statements do not describe spirituality. A spiritual way of life is truly nothing but a means of embracing the fast pace, all or nothing focus we learn by example from a world driven by money and desire. Spirituality includes discovering one’s genuine self and taking delight in small things. Clearly, when you make your life simpler, anxiety is more manageable and has less impact on your emotional, physical, mental and financial well-being. So go ahead and embrace your in-laws, you never know just how fun they can be.

Until next time, embrace your inner wisdom.

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Life Coach and Business Coach Karen Kleinwort is the founder Therapy in Transition and is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in the integration of her clients’ mind, body and spirit into her Personal Empowerment Coaching practice.  For more information, visit

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