How Long After Ovulation Can I Take A Pregnancy Test

A common question that newlywed ladies ask me is this: “How Long After Ovulation Can I Take A Pregnancy Test?” Well before we can fully answer that and give an accurate one, we first have to have a good understanding of the female menstrual cycle.

The female menstrual cycle consists of three parts. The menstrual phase, the follicular phase, and the ovulation phase.

The menstrual phase is the start of the menstrual cycle. You experience this when you vagina starts to release bloody spots or when it comes to a full throttle blood gash. The debris from the previous cycle is washed out through the process, thus making the uterus, once again, viable for conception.

The follicular phase is the part of the menstrual cycle wherein hormones that help in conception start to be released from the hypothalamus and from the ovaries. Progesterone is generally released because it promotes a good environment for the fetus to nurture and grow.

The ovulation phase is the end of the menstrual phase and may or may not be the beginning of ovulation depending on the outcome and presence of sperm inside the eggs. If there is no sperm, the cycle goes back to the menstrual phase if there is sperm, pregnancy begins.

When ovulation has ended and true pregnancy has begun, it usually takes about 3 days for the HCG to be released to the blood stream of the woman. What is HCG?

HCG is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, one of the hormones during pregnancy. Because it has high affinity to litmus paper (the main component of a pregnancy test), a pregnancy test can only be considered accurate once HCG is abundantly circulating in the blood.

When the fertilized egg attaches to the endometrium of the uterus, it takes 2 days for the fertilized to stimulate the release of HCG from a structure we call the Paraaminobutyric cells, found in the hypothalamus.

By the third day, there is already a generous amount of HCG circulating throughout the body, even going to the kidneys. That is why you can take a pregnancy test 3 days or more after ovulation.

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