Infantigo Causes

Infantigo also called impetigo is one of the highly infectious skin diseases. It is a bacterial skin infection and is most common in the school going children who don’t know any thing about germs and cleanliness. It is a contagious disease and affects the children skin more often. This disease is transferable from one person to other due to the skin contact. This is due to weaker immune system which is not able to fight with the bacterial infection and form skin infection. In this infection the boils are formed on the pert of the skin and when they got scratched they look very bad on skin. They can be formed at any part of the body on the joints where the skin is hard from other regions.

People say an image represent million of words by self. With the development in computer and Information Technology, Picture or image creation is becoming easier day by day. There is Photoshop and some graphic designing software that may help you for the development of images. Infantigo photos looks very bad they are available on number of website you can see these images and get a idea about how badly they affect your skin. This disease is generally formed due to the dust particle and bacteria present in the dust particle. They are caused by streptococcus or staphylococcus bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for this infection in human being. There are two types of bacteria form on the skin one that intact with the skin and skin become a barrier for them and does not allow the bacteria to enter inside the body. Other that enters the body from the skin and form many complicated disease. This infection causes inflammation in the skin with itchiness and irritation.

It is most common in children and those children who live in unhealthy environment. It is also found in adults and affect their immune system and form a virus infection also. Once you notice these symptoms on your child body you should immediately consult a doctor or physician. He will be the best person to provide you with the proper treatment of the infection. Generally they advice you with antifungal and antiseptic powder that avoids the germ to settle down on the skin with moisture and prevents the body from any infection. There are many website that will provide you all the information about this disease and you can also see the Impetigo Photos on these websites. They look very bad on the skin if your child or any other family member is infected with this disease you should be more careful for other member of the family and provide the treatment for the infection as soon as possible as it is a highly contagious disease found in people.

About rash

Impetigo rash is caused due to Impetigo, a wearisome skin disease. The disease is also known as the school sores. This has been one of the most known disease which affects, in most of the cases, the under-age infants. The disease is caused by a deadly skin infection known as staphylococcus bacteria. Some of the most known expressions of Impetigo rash will be small sized red blisters. In many cases, these blisters get further sore on skin surface.


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