Infected Tattoo

Are you suspecting that you have an infected tattoo? If it is your first time to have one, there are several things you might want to consider.

If for instance it is your first time to get a tattoo, you should know that it is almost normal for your skin to look reddish and somewhat swollen since it has been stressed due to the procedure. On the other hand, if you got a tattoo and several days to a few weeks had already passed and you start to notice that the redness won’t go away, you should be worried by then that you got an infected tattoo.

Signs to look for an infected tattoo

It is quite important for an individual who got a tattoo to learn how to recognize if it is already a tattoo infection or not. On the average, the following are the signs that one should look out for if suspecting that a tattoo has been infected such as increased pain; increased swelling; redness; heat around the tattoo; red streaks extending from the area of the tattoo; swollen or tender lymph nodes; and fever.

Although these signs need not occur all at the same time to conclude that a tattoo is already infected. One should already be worried if he or she encounters or experiences any or a combination of these signs after getting a tattoo. It is worth keeping in mind that the earlier the infection has been detected, the earlier the wound can be treated so as to avoid further damage.

There are several ways to confirm if you have an infected tattoo or not. First is through your own judgment. If you already had some tattoos done with your body prior to the newly one you just got, it is presumed that you have sufficient experience about how to care for and observe whether a tattoo is infected or not.

If in case it is just your first time to get one, you can either consult the tattoo artist who did your tattoo or go directly to a doctor and seek their opinion. The latter is more preferable especially for people who have the means since this would already entail added expense for the consultation and medication. But for people who are on a budget, they can choose to inquire first with the tattoo artist before they head on to a doctor.

What to do with an infected tattoo

Caring for the tattoo infection is perhaps a critical task to do. First and foremost, since you are dealing with an infection, you have to take prescribed antibiotics to prevent the bacteria from spreading and causing more damage. In addition, other drugs or medications might be prescribed by the doctor depending upon the degree of infection the wound has gotten.

Although there are already medicines available to treat an infected tattoo, it would still be best for a person to learn properly how to care for it once he or she decides to have one. If you are responsible and disciplined enough to follow the care instructions of the tattoo artist, chances are you won’t get one infected. And another good thing to note is perhaps a good precautionary measure to have your skin tattooed by only your trusted tattoo salon.

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