Is Tramadol an Opiate or Narcotic

What is Tramadol and what is Narcotic?

Tramadol is much known to be pain-killer by most people. It is very much useful and relevant. This can treat moderate to severe kind of pain and very effective to use. Intake of Tramadol must be prescribed by your doctor for a proper use and to know whether you are given the right to use it or not depending on your situation. Misuse of this medicine can case addiction, overdose or even death. While on the other hand, Narcotic is a kind of drug or medicine that affects a certain person’s behavior and mood. It is basically mean to make numb or to remove a certain pain that a patient is feeling. Misconceptions and most meaning of this can sometimes be related to addictive drugs and such.

Does Tramadol have Codeine or Opiates?

Tramadol both has a Codeine and Opiates. This medicine was associated with opiates, an alkaloid compounds naturally found in the opium poppy plant Papaver Somniferum.  Wherein part of it is morphine, and one of the three primary morphine is codeine. Codeine is an opiate used to indulgence pain, as a cough medicine, and for diarrhea. It is naturally used to treat mild to moderate degrees of pain. But there are common side effects in Codeine such as vomiting, constipation, itchiness and even lightheadedness. Side effects may happen if you are not eligible to use the medicine. So proper to consult your doctors first before any intake of this medicine and other medicines as well.

Is Tramadol an Opiate or Narcotic?

Tramadol can be both classified as Opiate and Narcotic depending on the use of it. Whether it is being properly used or being abused. There are two different areas on how it can be classified as opiate of narcotic and that really base on how a patient use it or intake it. Maybe in some ways Narcotic doesn’t mean and abusive drug or an addictive drug but the term or how it is being use shows that in some ways it become.

Tramadol Classified as Opiate:

  1. It can treat intermediate to a very severe kind of pain when being properly used.
  2. It just not treat pain but also other sickness such us cough and diarrhea.
  3. It has greater benefit when combined to paracetamol and other medicine such as asperin and ibuprofen that is very much needed in terms of sickness.

Tramadol Classified as Narcotic:

  1. Tramadol can sluggish or stop your breathing, especially when you start using this medicine or whenever your dose is changed and when you start abusing it.
  2. It can cause drowsiness and dulling of senses in your body when being abused.
  3. It includes Morphine, Codeine and Thebanine. These are some substances that an addictive drugs nowadays contain.

Effects of Tramadol

There were two major effects of Tramadol. Namely its Good Effects and its Bad Effects. First are its good effects. Tramadol is indeed an effective pain-killer being prescribed by doctors. As stated above it’s not just a pain-killer but a medicine to diarrhea and cough as well. There are also a short –term effects of this medicine and that works by modifying the processing of pain signals traveling between nerves and brains. Its primary short term effects are it lack the pain, it elated mood and it also reduce anxiety. While on the other hand it also has a long-term effects or can be classified as the bad effects of it because patient are being so dependent about what the medicine can give. An increasing number of practitioners shy away from prescribing Tramadol for long-term use due as knowledge of the undesirable effects that are experienced when this drug is used over a long period of time becomes more common. These effects may vary, but they often include: Tolerance, Physical dependence and Cognitive decline.  The side effects of tolerance and dependence may ultimately lead to a tramadol addiction. Like other kinds of prescription drug abuse, many individuals struggling with an addiction to tramadol need not obtain their drug from an illicit market to continue their cycle of dependence; they begin taking it as prescribed and then take a larger dose on their own when the medication stops working. People may, at some point resort to methods such as “doctor shopping” or prescription forgery to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of the pharmaceutical they find themselves hooked on. So better use this medicine properly and other medicine as well. Yes indeed it is good to our bodies but we need to use it properly for a proper effects.

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