Pink eye causes

Pink eye is a common yet scary problem that happens when conjunctiva becomes inflamed due to several reasons. Conjunctiva is actually a thin and transparent membrane lining your eyeball and eyelid. Causes of red eye may vary but inflammation normally clears up in just few days. This disease is common in children who are more exposed to dirt and bacteria that are among leading causes of pink eye. Despite being a common disease, pink eye can lead to great trouble that a person may undergo for even a week or two.

Pink is often called conjunctivitis having several causes, but viral infection is most common. Lining of eye is clear and becomes red if irritation and infection occurs. What is most intricate is to judge the cause of pink eye and treat it accordingly. We have discussed below different causes and symptoms so that you can easily accustom to the reason behind your pink eyes or conjunctivitis. For the treatment of this condition you can read this article.

Viral Conjunctivitis

Causes: Viruses, bacteria or fungi generally causes pink eye or conjunctivitis. This type of red eye can be really contagious and can spread with close contacts. The infection may also occur with the use of contaminated objects like towel, close contact with contaminated person and even by pool water. When epidemic conjunctivitis that is the only infectious type occurs, it may take 7 to 10 days to get back to normal situation. In general, adenovirus is the leading cause behind viral conjunctivitis, but enterovirus type-70 may lead to hemorrhagic conjunctivitis. This type of infection is common in schools, workplaces, medical clinic etc.

Symptoms of viral pinkeye last five to seven days and may even take 3 weeks to retrieve. Situation becomes more perilous when ability of your body to fight infection decreases. Pink eye when causes virus can be treated with antiviral medicine. Home remedies can help you recover and get back to normal situation.

Bacterial Pink Eye

This type of infection is characterized by pus with most common causes include Streptococcus, Haemophilus Influenza and Staphylococcus aurous. One most common type of bacterial conjunctivitis is called gonococcal conjunctivitis caused by a bacteria “Neisseria Gonorrhoeae” that is transmitted sexually. This type on bacterial infection is very rare and can be treated by applying on drop of silver nitrate in conjunctival sac. If left untreated, this sexually transmitted bacterial infection can penetrate into eye intact that can further destroy your eyes.

Bacterial infection leads to more drainage in comparison to viral pink eye. Bacterial infection normally lasts seven to ten days without any antibiotic treatment. However, you can consider having an antibiotic treatment that helps you recover.
Chemical Conjunctivitis

Causes: Direct contact with any toxic agent may cause chemical conjunctivitis. Key elements responsible for chemical conjunctivitis include air pollutants, makeup, hair dyes, soap, spray, and chlorine water. When undergoing chemical pink eye, one must stay away from causative agents and wash away eyes with lots of water. This type of conjunctivitis normally recovers in a day or two, but you can also seek medical advice.

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