Rdw Blood Test High

Rdw is referred to as red blood cell distribution width. This is used for calculation number of RBC’s that are present in your blood sample. You should visit your doctor and check your RBC count. If the result of your rdw blood test high, then you are having deficiency of iron in your body and you are also suffering with anemia. According to a report, there are more than 300 types of anemia. These types can be broken into various sub groups which relates to loss of blood and your RBC’s can demise too. You cannot discover about your rdw until you have performed yours MCV. MCV is the value of your corpuscles. You will not be able to discover about the disorders of hematology and anemia disorders until MCV test is also performed. Both rdw and MCV test are necessary to check your blood count. If the level of your MCV is low and that too in combination with RDW, then it is an indication of deficiency of iron in your body. If yours RDW as well as MCV comes out to be normal then you are suffering with the chronic diseases and other disorders. If your MCV and rdw blood test high then you are having the deficiency of vitamin B 12 in your body. According to various medical institutions and doctors, when the level of MCV in your body is high and rdw test is normal, then you are suffering with leukemia. If your test results in high levels of MCV as well as in RDW then you are having deficiency of folate. If the value of your RDW stands between 10 and 14 percent, then it is a normal rate. These values are of great importance to you as these values can determine rate of mortality. It can also determine cancer diseases as well as cardiovascular disorders and diseases.

If your rdw blood test high, then you should be very careful and start taking some precautions too. Your health is at risk and you should be careful about the meals that you are taking. If your doctor suggests that you are having the deficiency of iron in your body, then you should start taking all those meals which are full of iron. You can take all green vegetables and avoid eating restaurant foods. And, make sure that you do not eat contaminated food. This can risk your health as well as life to a very higher level.

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