Tips on How to Protect Your Home from Trick-or-Treaters This Halloween

  • Your dog doesn’t need to be mean, just a good watch dog that will alert you to suspicious activity.
  • Bushes give prospective vandals excellent places to hide so they can create mischief.
  • Protect your home from trick-or-treaters this Halloween by posting “No Trespassing” signs.
Did You Know?

Being sarcastic or nasty when you answer the door, or giving out stale treats can turn treaters into tricksters as they seek revenge.

4 Tips of Protecting

You may see plenty of frightening ghosts and witches and goblins this Halloween. But the scariest part of this season can be the potential 36,000,000 trick-or-treaters that will traverse neighborhoods across the nation this season. Of course, we can assume the mission of the majority of those kids will be to gather treats. But that number doesn’t include the older kids who have mischief and mayhem on their minds. Read this informative article and learn some tips on how to protect your home from trick-or-treaters this Halloween!

1. Consider Giving Out Treats If You Don’t Normally Do So
If you don’t ordinarily participate in Trick-or-Treat Night in your neighborhood, you may consider doing so. The effort can help “sweeten up” the natives and make them less likely to vandalize your home around Halloween time.

2. Turn On the Outside Lights and Leave Them On Until Dawn
Since vandals work the best while they are hidden in a cloak of darkness, turning on your outside lights can protect your home from trick-or-treaters this Halloween. Turn your porch lights on, security lights, and even any landscaping lights your yard may have, and leave them on until dawn, to help illuminate your home.

3. Keep An Eye Out for Vandals
Another highly effective measure is for you and your family to watch out for vandals and any suspicious activities around the exterior of your home this Halloween. If potential tricksters see they are being watched, they may decide to move along and choose another victim elsewhere.

4. Post No Trespassing Signs Around the Outside of Your Home
Another tip on how to protect your home from trick-or-treaters this Halloween is to post “No Trespassing” signs around the perimeters of your property. Sometimes, simply posting these signs helps keep people off your property. Trespassing laws vary, depending where you live in the United States. If, however, you have asked a trespasser to leave the premises, and they refuse, you can call the police for assistance.

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